Other Senior Home Care Services We Offer In Orange County

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Post-Surgical Care
ALLWAYS care givers provide companionship and a helping hand during the home recovery period that follows many surgical procedures including Plastic Surgery, Eye Surgery, Heart Surgery, Joint Replacement, and other Medical Treatments.

High Risk Pregnancy Care
Doctor-ordered bed rest for high-risk pregnancies may create the need for some additional assistance around the home for meal preparation, light housework, and running local errands.

New Mother Assistance
Our caregivers can assist with light housekeeping, laundry, healthy meal planning as well as more personal care assistance for new mothers and their newborn babies.

Developmental Disabilities
In-home care for people with developmental disabilities helps promote independence while providing assistance with daily activities such as grooming, meal preparation, transportation, and more.

Back Up Childcare
We canĀ help handle sick, emergency, as well as planned gaps in childcare for working parents. Many of our caregivers are mothers and grandmothers and not only have personal experience caring for children, but have also been specially trained in child care to make sure that the experience is enriching and enjoyable.

Veterans Care
Veterans or surviving spouses of veterans in need of in-home care may qualify for benefits through the Veterans Administration. We can assist veterans and their spouses in the application process and provide in-home care services for approved participants in VA programs.